Sona 'I' English Medium High School & Science Junior College is a School set up by Educational Society and Trust. Our School is registered with the govt. of Maharashtra under the Society/Trust Act. We have experienced personalities in the management to guide us from time to time. Promoters have enough experience in running educational institutions at various levels. They have established a prestigious Educational Academy. 
 Sona 'I' English Medium High School & Science Junior College was conceived as a school to provide "Excellence in learning" it is not just another school where teaching is perfect At Sona ‘I’ the interest of the student's are given first priority and care will be taken in developing their personalities. Success is not just confined to qualifying in an exam, but goes in to the domain of intellectual maturity. This is the goal of Sona 'I' English Medium High School & Science Junior College. The school makes special efforts to develop both oral and written communication skills in English. We are making sincere efforts for the all round development of our students. 
 This year i.e. in 2004, we have started a new technique of controlling the classes, We have set up cameras (CCTV) in each class to give guidance to each student.

Our plans

  • School Time

    1st to 8th Std: 
    (Monday to Friday) 
    9.00 am to 4.05 pm
    (Saturday Holiday) 
    9th to 12th Std 
    (Monday to Friday) 
    9.05 am to 4.05 pm 
    (Saturday Exam)

  • Through

    " The great difficulty in education is to get experience out of ideas ".

  • Office Time

    Monday to Friday 
    9.00 am to 4.15 pm 
    (Lunch 1.30 to 2.00 pm) 
    Saturday 10.00 am to 3.00 pm

Our culture


1.All student/parents should abide by the rules & regulations of school. 
2. Student should come in full uniform or else that student will not be allowed to sit in class/school. 
3. Uniform should be clean, neat & ironed. 
 4. Students should be punctual & regular to school. If they are late, they will be marked absent. 
 5. Parents should guide their wards to do their home work every day at home & should sign the school diary daily. 
 6. In case of prolonged sickness & absence in school for more than two days medical certificate should be submitted to the class teacher or in office (and complete C.W.) 
 7. Student who are sick are advised to stay at home. 
 8. Valuable jewellery, watch etc should not be brought to school or worn in school, School will not be responsible for any loss or damage to the above.


1)Bus Facility: 
School bus routes: Hadapsar chaal, Fursungi Phata, Power House, Gondhale Nagar, Shani Mandir, Gondhale Nager Kaman, Satavwadi, Ramanand Complex, Sasane Nagar, Kalepadal. 
In Future: Sonamma Residential World School & Engineering College, Baramati. 
2)Store/Stationary Facility: 
Stationary Provided By School: School Uniform, Test Book, Note Book, Bag, Sweater, Tie, Belt, Uniform Cloth etc.


1. As compared to other schools, less holidays will be given (General holidays only). 
 2. Once the student enters the school, the parents or relative or anyone acquaintance will not be allowed to take away the student from the class/school. 
 3. Fifty percent responsibility of the study goes to the parents also. 
 4. If a student losses any think e.g. Pencil, Rubber, Tiffin Box, Water Bottle, Handkerchief, Tie, State, Belt, Books etc. the parents can inform to the class teacher the next day. (If the student from I to III loses anything & if the teacher finds it the teacher will return it to the students. But if the lost thing is not found, then the parents should compromise with the management). 
5. If the parents wish to give suggestions or make complaints or speak with the correspondent, they should come every Thursday between 9.00 am to 10.30 am. 
 6. Parents are requested that they should not speak in loud voice or angry tone with the teaching & non teaching staff. In such a case, they can speak with the correspondent. 
 7.If the student’s attendance is less than 70% the student will be not allowed to sit for the final exam.